About Us


Thomas Kane
Faculty Director
Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

Miriam Greenberg
Director of Education and Communications
Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

Visibly Better

Visibly Better is more than a website. It’s a movement with the potential to change education through video.

The Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University designed Visibly Better to share the transformative power of video in the classroom. The initiative was inspired by the way educators positively embraced the use of video while participating in CEPR research projects like Best Foot Forward Project, National Center for Teacher Effectiveness, and MQI Coaching. Our studies show that video-based observation and feedback cycles can improve the quality of instructional feedback, grow stakeholders' satisfaction with the process, and lead to measurable changes in instructional practice. Given these findings, we are excited to share our findings and expertise, and more importantly, the experience of teachers and coaches in the field using video to support instructional growth.

In November 2017, we brought educators from across the country together for the first Visibly Better working meeting on the Harvard University campus. Teachers, instructional coaches, principals, superintendents, and educational technology vendors gathered to created a vision for the future around the use of video for professional learning. We identified challenges, brainstormed solutions, and collaborated across contexts—establishing a foundation for the Visibly Better movement. An advisory board of practitioners continues to inform and influence the work of Visibly Better.

We know that using video in the classroom to is a powerful tool to continuously improve instruction and seek to make it a standard of practice in U.S. education. Help us in raising awareness, inciting conversations, and removing barriers associated with its use.

Educators deserve better feedback and that better feedback is possible through video. Join us.