Improve Feedback

Educators deserve quality feedback, and video is a great tool to help make it happen. Video provides a common frame of reference, establishing a sense of transparency that can help to make feedback more collaborative and specific.


Paul Hegre

Targeted Professional Development is Critical

Paul Hegre
Quality Compensation Official
Minneapolis Public Schools

Kathryn Procope

See It for Yourself

Kathryn Procope
Head of School
Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science

Matthew Murphy

the "Why"

Matthew Murphy
Ramsey Public Schools


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Building Trust

Advice on how to foster a supportive community

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Getting Started

Assess readiness and create your work plan

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Frameworks for Feedback

Guidelines and rubrics to improve communication

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Privacy & Consent

How to share information with students, parents, and teachers

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Technology & Infrastructure

Hardware, software, and tips for working with your IT team

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Educator Testimonials

Educators share why you should use video for continuous improvement